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The future of hair removal is here
The screen is mounted on an adjustable bracket which allows pan & tilt for optimum position.
Our most sophisticated software is more user friendly then ever for setup and treatment.
You can customise the colour of your equipment to match your business.
2,500,000 shot applicator warranty coupled with a 2 year machine warranty.

diode laser removes unwanted hair faster then any other treatment

infinity Hair Removal

Easily treat more customers with better results

The highly advanced infinity diode laser machine is designed to remove unwanted hairs from your body permanently. infinity Diode technology is the next best thing in the market when it comes to hair removal. It is highly effective and works flawlessly. You will only just feel a tingling sensation on your skin as the diode laser works its magic. 

The product is ideal for clinic and salons who want something that’s a bit more effective at permanent hair removal than the technology available today.

With the Infinity diode hair removal technology, you can offer your clients a better solution!

Silky Smooth & Hair Free

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Shot Guarantee
Machine Warranty

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